General Info., Structure and Working Area

Name of Company

Soben Education


Brayden So, Benjamin Lee


Education, Academic Tour




March 2010


USA: 6481 Orangethorpe Ave. #22, Buena Park, CA 90621, USA


+1(562) 677-5757


CEO: Brayden So, Benjamin Lee
Manager: Hyeun S. Park
Field Consultants: Susan Lim, Shirly Ji
USA: Kris Park
Korea: EY Kim
China: Benjamin Lee
Philippine: JH Shin

Branch Offices

Melon Tour in Seoul, Korea
Beijing and Shanghai, China
Alabang, Philippines


Soben Education has been working with various educational institutes and companies since 2010. Its excellent education service provides qualified global education services to the customers. With connecting global institutes and companies, Soben Education enhances its education program, and it operates experimental programs for students. Therefore, the programs of Soben are well recognized by certified institutes and government office.

Soben Education has a vision that it’s all customers are able to achieve their dreams with worldwide network and service that Soben provides. There are two ways to accomplish the qualified education service. The one is the traditional way that people used to, the other is customized way using new technology. In the long run, Soben pursuits to offer the best qualified and most customized services for customers who are looking forward to achieving their big dreams.

Working Area

Study/Cultural Experience

English Camp, Golf Camp, Hollywood Film Camp, Leadership Camp

Overseas Study

Elementary/Middle/College/Graduate School, Boarding School, Pilot Program

Online High School and College Degree

Providing USA online/offline High school/college to Asia and Africa

Visitation and Special Lectures at Global Companies/Premier Universities

Visitation to Silicon Valley, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, Caltech and have special lectures.

Collegian Internship Course

J Visa Internship Course

Dual Diploma and OPT Overseas Internship Course

Diplomas from Korea and US colleges, OPT internship and immigration